Dracena was spawned in Gothenburg (SWE) during a stormy autumn night in 1994 to be an all female metal band, later dubbed as ”Sweden’s heaviest all-girl band” in The Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

By creating a mix of various metal genres, ranging from old school classic metal to the power of thrash with a touch of black metal and brought forth by the lyrics of a sinister dark atmosphere of bloodlust and death, Dracena has been described as a cross between Bathory and Mercyful Fate/Venom and Running Wild.

Between 1997 and 2001 Dracena released 3 demos, but in 2002 the band members decided to go separate ways while MiA continued with the band alone.

The debut full length album Infernal Damnation, containing 8 tracks, was independently released as a CD in 2006-06-06. During this studio session Dracena also recorded a cover of W.A.S.P’s Animal (Fuck like a Beast) for the W.A.S.P tribute album to be released by Codiac Records (DEN) in May of 2006 - Rock Shock Hellions – A tribute to W.A.S.P.

In January 2014 the 4-track MCD Ravenous Bloodlust was released, recorded in Andy La Rocque’s Sonic Train Studios.

The new recording Cursed To The Night is a full length album with 8 brand new tracks to be released by Infernö Records 2017. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Studio Cave 2016/2017. Drums are played and recorded by Jocke in MediEvil Studios 2016 and all solos and lead melodies are played and recorded by Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed/Firespawn) in Chrome Studios 2017. Ola Malmström from Sorcery (SWE) is guest vocalist on “The Shadow of What Once Was”

During the years Dracena made live appearances supporting bands like Lord Belial, Agathodaimon, Ancient, Sacramentum, Ancients Rebirth and Siebenbürgen as well as the 2 Heavy 4 You festival in 2001.

MiA : Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Jocke : Drums


Cursed To The Night (Studio Cave / Chrome Studios / MediEvil Studios 2016/2017)
Ravenous Bloodlust (Sonic Train Studios 2013)
Infernal Damnation (Hellbound Recordings / Brutaliator Studios 2004)
Labyrinth of Darkness (Terrordome 2001)
Demonic Women (Los Angered Recordings 1999)
Demo ´97 (Studio Lobster 1997)


Apart from Dracena the members also participated in other bands and recordings:

•  Guitar Deathwitch - Triumphant Devastation (1995- 1996)
•  Vocals/guitars/bass Necrohell – Rise the Shadow Within (2002)
•  Vocals Decayed – 7" Hell-Witch (2004)
•  Guitar Pagan Rites - 7" Pagan Metal (2005)

•  Bass Deathwitch – Triumphant Devastation (1995 – 1996)

•  Bass Vassago – Abysmic Downfall-track

•  Drums Engel, Runemagick, Deathwitch, Lord Belial, Relevant Few, Necrohell

•  Bass Runemagick
During the years there has also been other members in the band whom are not playing on any recordings, we salute them and thank them for keeping the band alive...

Dracena is and will always be pure Metal \m/...